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1.Are all online goods available?
Yes. All online goods are available. However, there might be deficiency of goods due to the sales promotion or other reasons. If you have paid for the deficient goods, we will contact you by email or Wechat to confirm whether to wait for replenishment or process of refund.

2.Will I be charged sales tax?
You will not be charged for any other taxes. At present, the import tax is included in the price of goods. 
1.Can I pay by Chinese Yuan (RMB)?
Yes, you can. We are cooperating with China Union Pay, Alipay and Wechat Pay, so you can choose Chinese Yuan from the corresponding mode of payment.

2.When do I need to pay after order?
Your payment will be declined after 30 minutes automatically.
1.Can I cancel order after I place an order?
Unpaid order will be declined in 30 minutes.
Paid order usually cannot be cancelled. If you have special reason for cancelling order, please contact our Chinese services. If your order has already been shipped, order cannot be cancelled; if your order has not been packed, we are able to cancel it and refund your money. Refund will be returned to your account or E-Wallet within 1 to 7 workdays depending on the management of banks.

2.How to check my order status?
Once your order has been confirmed, you can log in "Account management” and check your order status in "Order History”. Once you order has been shipped, your order status will show "Shipped”. You also can check tracking number and order status in order details.

3.How to change personal address after my order has been confirmed?
We are sorry that the address may not be changed as your orders are prepared to ship. If you need to change shipping information, please email us or send Wechat as soon as possible, we will contact warehouse specialists. If your commodity has been already shipped, the shipping information is not able to be change.

4.What can I do if I want to change items after order?
If your order has not been paid, you can change the order directly.
If your order has been paid, you may not change through website, so please email or contact us by Wechat to cancel the order. We will confirm and help you cancel your order. Once your order is cancelled, we will refund your money. Refund will be returned to your account or W-Wallet within 1 to 7 workdays depending on the management of banks.

5.When will the items be shipped after I pay?
After your orders have been confirmed, your goods will be shipped within 3 to 7 workdays without any special cases. Delivery time might be delayed when goods are deficient, public holiday or orders are numerous during our activities. We are sorry for inconvenience.

6.When can I receive items after delivery?
You will receive your items within 10 to 15 workdays after delivery. Your items might be delayed and affected by the special situation of the logistics company or the customers clearance.
You can check your order status in "Order History”. Once your order is delivered, information of consignee would be displayed in Order History. You can check the order status from the pasted website link and type your order number by following the hints.
Are all orders paid with current exchange rate?
All orders will be paid by Australian dollar, and the price will be transferred to Chinese Yuan due to your payment platforms. Different payment platforms have different exchange rates. You can check the exchanges price in payment page (also order number, Australia-dollar price, Chinese-Yuan price and information of exchange rate).